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Artistic Statement

The impact that music and singing have on humanity has been recorded for centuries. I believe that in training young artists, the approach must be holistic: Body, Mind and Spirit. The voice is the only instrument created by God, it is a part of our bodies and must be nurtured with compassion along with rigor. The mind controls the involuntary muscles guiding the voice but cannot overshadow the impulses required to pursue actions as dictated by text/lyrics. The spirit connects us to the storytelling inherent in all music-making. The emotion an artist evokes from an audience hopefully leads to a deeper understanding of our shared humanity. The fusion of these three elements is my goal as a teaching artist.


“Janine Hawley . . . sings with line, dynamic variety, charm, and elegance.” 

- Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe

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969 LaPlata Drive
Kernersville, NC 27284


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